Alabama Tax Properties

Parcel Fair brings you Alabama tax delinquent properties from over-the-counter state inventory sources plus local county tax sales!

Check out tax certificates, liens & deeds from select county auctions and the Alabama state inventory.

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Find out how to save hours of time researching Alabama tax lien and tax deed investment properties using Parcel Fair:

Parcel Fair 101 : How to Invest In Alabama Tax Liens & Tax Deeds

Alabama Tax Investor Market Guide


  • The 2023 Auction Season is behind us (April to June), so Alabama is officially in Over-the-Counter season
  • Early auction previews for select counties are available each year on Parcel Fair starting in January

Secondary Market

  • Tax Certificate & Deed resellers also hold a significant amount of inventory for sale (usually 1,000 to 2,000 deeds or certs at any time)
  • USA Deed and Anderson Realty Group both have reseller inventories available to view in Parcel Fair
  • You can also purchase directly from other Parcel Fair users using our Direct Offers feature

Over the Counter Tax Properties

  • The Alabama Dept of Revenue holds 20,000+ tax certificates and tax deeds across the state that are available for purchase. You can find these properties on Parcel Fair along with guided instructions for how to apply to purchase.
  • There are 2 active land banks in Alabama with inventories to purchase from - the Birmingham Land Bank Authority has 7,000+ properties to choose from, and the Gadsden Land Bank has 1,100+.
    Check out the Gadsden Land Bank and Birmingham Land Bank Authority inventories on Parcel Fair, along with our guided instructions for how to purchase properties from these organizations.