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One-stop search & mapping tool for Alabama Tax Delinquent Properties

Parcel Fair : By the Numbers


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Active Tax Delinquent Parcels*


Historical Tax Delinquent Parcels


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*Numbers are derived and aggregated from public data sources and are only as accurate as those sources

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  • Map of all current tax delinquent properties in the state of Alabama
  • Search across current and Unavailable tax parcels
  • Preview properties using street photos & map imagery of each parcel (street photos included where available)
  • Visualize your search using map overlays and markers
  • Convert map search results to browsable interactive lists
  • Identify & Track your favorite parcels as you find them
  • Attach Notes, Documents & Photos to parcels to track your research


  • Download property lists to CSV files for portability
  • Inspect detailed parcel reports available for over 60,000 Alabama parcels
  • Perform rapid analysis across 4.5 million tracked data points
  • Explore County auction history for most major county auctions
  • Tap directly into County & State data sources using deep-link Research Tools
  • Dig into 3+ years of inventory history tracking Alabama Tax Delinquent Properties
  • Request price quotes directly from the State
  • Attach documents & photos to parcels to manage your purchase workflow
  • Jumpstart your due dilligence research with deep link searching, including obituaries, probate searches, public notices, and news sources