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NOW AVAILABLE: Jefferson-Birmingham 2019 Tax Sale

We have loaded the 2019 Jefferson-Birmingham tax sale list! The list will be updated daily to remove parcels that are no longer available.

The auction should be on May 21, 2019 - however, there was a mistake in the Birmingham News announcement, and the sale might move to May 22 as a result. Keep an eye on our site announcements and local news to see when the final date will be.

Here are links to the map and list versions of the tax sale:

2019 Jefferson Auction Map   2019 Jefferson Auction List

Alabama Tax Lien Association Conference - May 20, 2019

Don't miss the Alabama Tax Lien Association (ATLASS)
Free Conference this May in Birmingham!

This is an opportunity to connect with the top tax investment experts in Alabama, network with other investors, and attend classes targeting the most pressing and relevant topics in Alabama Tax Investing that affect us all. ATLASS is doing a great job bringing together experts and investors to share their experience and knowledge with others, and this is an amazing FREE opportunity that you don't want to miss!

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Conference Highlights include:

  • Property Caravan - Bus Tour of Available Properties
  • Classes & Breakouts with Investment Experts:
    • New County Sales Process
    • Trespassing & Taking Possession
    • The Critical Role of Referees
    • Which Improvements and When
    • Investment Strategies
    • Expert Panel Q&A
  • Pre-Conference: Intro to Alabama Tax Lien Investing

Timing is important : The conference will take place the day before the Jefferson County Auctions!

2019 Auction Season Update: Nineteen County Tax Sale Lists Now Available!

We're up to Nineteen Tax Sale lists now - Baldwin, Calhoun, Cherokee, Chilton, Colbert, Cullman, Dallas, Dekalb, Elmore, Etowah, Jackson, Jefferson (Bham), Lauderdale, Madison, Russell, Shelby, St Clair, Tallapoosa and Tuscaloosa are all available for viewing on the map or by list.

The 2019 auction parcels can be seen on the map in yellow, and we are tracking daily changes to each list of properties as owners pay their taxes in advance of the auctions. Please note that the parcels we have indicated as auction parcels are simply parcels that are still delinquent from last year, and are by no means guaranteed to be available at auction. This is just a way for you to get a head start on your research over the competition! We will make daily updates until the auction to keep the list as fresh as possible.

Click below to view our 2019 Tax Sale Auction Lists:

2019 Tax Sale Auctions