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August 2019 Alabama State Inventory Updates for Jefferson-Birmingham and Jefferson-Bessemer!

Our first August update from the Alabama Department of Revenue included the remaining parcels from the 2019 tax sales in Jefferson-Birmingham and Jefferson-Bessemer. In total, there are over 3,500 parcels between these two counties, all searchable in Parcel Fair and ready to receive state price notice applications. Links to each county's 2019 parcel maps are below, and as always, click here to view the entire Alabama state inventory history.

Jefferson-Birmingham County
Over 2,400 parcels added from the 2019 tax sale. There are some great prospects in here, the majority having structures, some with high values over $300,000

*Bonus: There is also a house in Enon Ridge delinquent from 2011 valued at $37k that was added to inventory
Jefferson-Bessemer County
Over 1,000 parcels were added to the state inventory that were leftover from the 2019 Jefferson-Bessemer tax sale. Most of these have structures also, with values ranging all the way up to $817,000

July 2019 Alabama State Inventory Updates!

The first state inventory update in July started off with a bang, adding over 2,000 parcels from 8 different counties. Only 2 parcels were from previous years (2002 and 2011), and the rest were 2019 tax sale leftovers that were sold to state and listed by the Alabama Department of Revenue. You can read about each county below, and click here to view the state inventory history which shows all the newly added parcels in a sortable list.

June 2019 Alabama State Inventory Updates!

June inventory updates brought in 925 new parcels from 13 counties. Most of these were from 2019 tax sales, but 12 older parcels found their way into inventory as well. The highlights are listed below, and click here to view the state inventory history which shows all the newly added parcels in a list.

  • Etowah County
    472 parcels added, all leftovers from the 2019 Etowah County Tax Sale. Some of these are higher value properties, one with a total value of $560k
  • Geneva County
    173 parcels that were sold to state from the 2019 Geneva County tax sale. Mostly lower value properties, only 2 parcels that list structures.
  • Talladega County
    134 parcels added, also from the 2019 Talladega County Tax Sale. Many of these have structures, values ranging from $15k to $117k
  • Russell County
    46 parcels added to state, most from the 2019 tax sale, but 1 from 2018. The majority have structures, mostly decent value, one with a total value at $390k
  • Colbert County
    42 new parcels added, all from the 2019 tax auction - more than half of these have structures with decent value
  • St Clair County
    37 parcels added from the St Clair tax sale - 6 of these list improvements, but only 3 have value higher than $20k
  • Cherokee County
    1 older parcel from 2018 added with a small structure on 0.64 acres
  • Escambia County
    2 parcels added from the 2019 Escambia Tax Sale - both have structures (one looks like a gas station), and both are valued over $50k
  • Jefferson-Bessemer County
    1 parcel with structure on 2.14 acres from 2017 that looks like a construction site from satellite imagery, might be worth driving to for a closer look since the county lists the value at $332,000
  • Jefferson-Birmingham County
    9 parcels added ranging from 1994 to 2012, all deeds, located primarily in the Titusville area
  • Lamar County
    3 parcels added from the 2019 Lamar County Tax Sale - no structures, ranging from 0.8 to 1 acre and total value between $2k and $4k
  • Madison County
    3 parcels added from the 2019 Madison tax sale - 1 with a house valued at $37k, the other 2 are land only
  • Morgan County
    2 new parcels from the 2019 Morgan County Tax Sale - 1 valued at $18.5k with a structure, the other is 1/3 acre with land only

May 2019 Alabama State Inventory Updates!

Now that the county tax sales are complete, we'll focus on state inventory updates as parcels show up that didn't sell at the auctions. The state inventory updates over the month of May included a few bonuses - 52 new parcels were added across various counties throughout the month. Below is a quick recap, and click here to view the state inventory history which shows all the newly added parcels in a list.