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Land Banks

Parcel Fair also tracks properties from these land bank inventories:

  • Birmingham AL Land Bank Authority
  • Gadsden AL Land Bank Authority
  • Shelby TN Land Bank (Memphis)
  • Buy Baltimore (Baltimore City)


  • 12,000+ Mapped search results
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Additional Inventories

Additional Tax Auctions and Foreclosure Sales are tracked by request, currently in the following states:

  • Colorado Foreclosure Auctions
  • Florida Foreclosure Auctions
  • Indiana Foreclosure Auctions
  • New Mexico Tax Sales (select counties)
  • Oklahoma Tax Auctions (select counties)

March 22, 2023: Spring Auction Season is in Full Swing!

It's shaping up to be a busy auction season this year - right now for Spring 2023 we're tracking auctions in Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi, Maryland, Tennessee, and now New Jersey! We're also tracking Florida tax deed and foreclosure auctions year-round, and Florida's tax lien auction season happens in June. Arizona just wrapped their auction season, and Arkansas will start up in July.

You can keep up with all the auctions on our Auction Calendar - there's plenty of opportunity to buy out there, and we're here to help!

Jan 21, 2023: Welcome to the 2023 Tax Auction Season!

We're excited to kick off the 2023 auction season by tracking more auctions in Parcel Fair than ever before! At this point, we have over 150 auctions with properties to view, with another 250 on the calendar that will be updated as soon as sale lists are released. The auction season is a moving target, so please check back frequently - we are adding properties to auctions every day!

August 16, 2022: Indiana Fall 2022 Tax Auctions Now Available!

Indiana is back again with it's Fall tax sales, and Parcel Fair will help you with your research! Our searchable map, property reports and research tools will help you explore Indiana's tax sales throughout the year. Check out the Fall 2022 sales - click below to get started today!

August 14, 2022: Mississippi Fall 2022 Tax Lien Auctions Now Available!

Mississippi's Fall tax lien sales are now available for all 80 counties! Use our searchable map, detailed property reports and research tools to find the tax lien properties that meet your strategy. Click below to get started on your research today!

May 4, 2022: Florida County-Held Certificates and 2022 Lien Auctions Now Available!

We're excited to announce that Florida has been added to Parcel Fair! Our searchable map and research tools now include Florida county-held (OTC) lien certificates as well as 2022 tax lien auctions.

Feb 12, 2022: Alabama Tax Sale Season is here!

Alabama's tax auction season is upon us, and we have started loading the early release counties in Parcel Fair. We'll keep track of the auctions as they release their lists, this season spans from April into June, so we'll have much more to come!

Feb 2, 2022: Arizona Tax Auction Update

9 Arizona counties have now released their 2022 Tax Lien auction properties! You can now map, search & browse tax liens in the Apache, Cochise, Coconino, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Pima, Pinal and Yavapai 2022 tax auctions.
Auction properties are updated daily on Parcel Fair to remove redeemed properties.

Jan 17, 2022: Arkansas 2022 Tax Auctions are Now Available!

The Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands office has announced that the 2022 tax auction season will include properties from the previous 2 years. This is because the 2020 tax sale was skipped, and the 2021 season only included the properties from 2020 that were skipped. That means the 2022 auctions will include 2 years of tax delinquent properties - the properties that would have normally been in the 2021 tax sale plus the new 2022 tax sale properties. Due to the large amount of properties, several counties will have multiple auction dates. Please note that all schedules are subject to change, so check back for any changes to sale times and locations at the COSL tax auction website here.

We will update Parcel Fair regularly as changes to auction property lists and auction dates and times may change in the coming months. Good luck at the auctions!

Dec 31, 2021: Arizona OTC Tax Liens & Deeds are Now Available!

Arizona Over-the-Counter tax properties are now available in Parcel Fair! Check out over 42,000 opportunities across the state with our map search and property reporting tools. Our purchase instructions guide you step-by-step through the process of buying from each individual county to save you time. Check back for regular updates to the county inventories as new properties are added!

View Arizona OTC Tax Properties

April 2021 : Jefferson-Birmingham and Jefferson-Bessemer County Tax Sales Now Available!

The wait is finally over - the 2 biggest tax sales in Alabama have now been released and are available for you to research in Parcel Fair! Jefferson-Birmingham and Jefferson-Bessemer both use the traditional Tax Certificate sale rules (not to be confused with Tax Liens), so any tax certificates purchased will mature into Tax Deeds after 3 years from the tax sale date unless redeemed by the owner first.

The auctions will both take place at the the respective county courthouses on May 25.

Click below to get started!

View Jefferson-Bessemer Tax Auction Map   View Jefferson-Birmingham Tax Auction Map

April 2021 : Madison County, AL County Tax Certificate Sale Now Available

The 2021 Madison County tax auction properties have been released and are now available for research in Parcel Fair!

The auction will take place at the Madison County Huntsville Courthouse on May 7 at 10:00 AM, and will be a traditional Tax Certificate sale, not a Tax Lien sale.

Click below to get started!

View Madison Tax Auction Map

March 2021 : Mobile & Baldwin, AL County Tax Sales Now Available

The 2021 Mobile County and Baldwin County tax auction properties were just released, and are now available to you in Parcel Fair! Both auctions will be tax lien auctions and will be held online at

Get started on your research today - just click below to view the properties on our searchable maps:

View Mobile Tax Auction Map   View Baldwin Tax Auction Map

March 2021 : Arkansas Tax Sale Announcement

This year's Arkansas Tax Auction properties are now available in Parcel Fair!

The 2020 sale for Arkansas was cancelled last year, but the Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands office has announced an abbreviated auction season for 2021 and will sell properties that were scheduled for auction last year.

The county auction dates range from July through November and the first 36 county lists are now available, so get started now on your research!

View Arkansas Tax Sale Properties

February 2021 : Alabama Tax Sale Season is here!

Spring is on the way, which means Alabama Tax Sales are right around the corner!

To prepare for this, we're loading up lists of available properties for the 2021 tax sales so you can search and map your favorites. So far we have loaded 8 counties, with more being added each week.

Click here to visit our Alabama tax auctions and see what's available, or click here to see our latest video showing you how to search the 2021 Alabama tax sales

January 2021 : Weekly Instructional Videos starting now!

As part of the New Year we're publishing training videos each week to help you master tax property research. Topics will range from property search strategies, different ways to acquire property deals, organizing your research, and news updates for what's going on with tax properties.

Also, be sure to send us your ideas for videos. If there's something you'd like to see explained on video, send us a message here.

Visit our YouTube channel here and subscribe to get updates when new videos are released.

Happy New Year!

January 2020 : Now Available: Arkansas & Mississippi!

At the turn of the year we're excited to announce that Parcel Fair now covers tax delinquent properties in Arkansas and Mississippi, in addition to our long-standing coverage of Alabama!

Similar to Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi both have over-the-counter state inventories that allow you to bid and purchase on properties that cleared previous years' tax sales. Along with adding properties from these state inventories, we also provide links directly to the online state request forms to apply for a quote or bid on the properties directly.

Our map coverage includes 100% of Arkansas counties, but only 14 counties in Mississippi (this amounts to 85% of the available properties, and growing each week). Note that all available Mississippi properties are available by list search.

September 2019 Alabama State Inventory Updates : Perry County Tax Sale

September has been pretty quiet for state inventory updates (as expected with tax sales completing earlier in the summer). So far in September, 392 properties have been removed from Alabama state inventory, and only 17 tax delinquent properties have been added.

The only notable additions are in Perry County, leftovers from the 2019 tax sale. Property list and descriptions for a few are below, and you can view these and the other recently added properties on the Perry County map search.

  • 472 acre property, no documented structures. From satellite view, the property appears to have a fair amount of trees with some dirt roads established throughout the property, a lake, some streams, and a few mobile homes.

    Total Value: $514,930     2019 Taxes Owed: $1,491
  • 42 acres of land immediately next door to the 472 acre property listed above. Same owner as the above, similar terrain, but satellite photos show fewer trees. It appears that the property may have been harvested for timber, but since satellite photos are not always up to date, there may be more trees now.

    Total Value: $45,320     2019 Taxes Owed: $236
  • 110 acres of land, no structures, also looks like timber land. This property has easy access to 2 highways, and could be a nice timber source if that type of investment is in your wheelhouse.

    Total Value: $133,200     2019 Taxes Owed: $482
  • 4.78 acres with a large house, along with several stand-alone buildings and mobile homes. The house appears to be in great shape from photos taken a few years ago, looks to be worth a drive in person to check it out.

    Total Value: $90,210     2019 Taxes Owed: $378.51
  • 1 acre downtown with several storefront buildings, all appear to be very old. These are not in the greatest shape according to the photos, plenty of roof damage and general disrepair. It looks like 2 storefronts, a house, and a large storage building, plus a large open area in the back with no structures.

    Total Value: $173,950     2019 Taxes Owed: $530
  • House with 1.5 acre, satellite photos suggest that the house was in good shape at the time they were taken. The house is valued at $71k, land is $10k, with a Total Value of $81,640.

    Total Value: $81,640     2019 Taxes Owed: $355.57

August 2019 Alabama State Inventory Updates for Jefferson-Birmingham and Jefferson-Bessemer!

Our first August update from the Alabama Department of Revenue included the remaining parcels from the 2019 tax sales in Jefferson-Birmingham and Jefferson-Bessemer. In total, there are over 3,500 parcels between these two counties, all searchable in Parcel Fair and ready to receive state price notice applications. Links to each county's 2019 parcel maps are below, and as always, click here to view the entire Alabama state inventory history.

Jefferson-Birmingham County
Over 2,400 parcels added from the 2019 tax sale. There are some great prospects in here, the majority having structures, some with high values over $300,000

*Bonus: There is also a house in Enon Ridge delinquent from 2011 valued at $37k that was added to inventory
Jefferson-Bessemer County
Over 1,000 parcels were added to the state inventory that were leftover from the 2019 Jefferson-Bessemer tax sale. Most of these have structures also, with values ranging all the way up to $817,000

July 2019 Alabama State Inventory Updates!

The first state inventory update in July started off with a bang, adding over 2,000 parcels from 8 different counties. Only 2 parcels were from previous years (2002 and 2011), and the rest were 2019 tax sale leftovers that were sold to state and listed by the Alabama Department of Revenue. You can read about each county below, and click here to view the state inventory history which shows all the newly added parcels in a sortable list.

June 2019 Alabama State Inventory Updates!

June inventory updates brought in 925 new parcels from 13 counties. Most of these were from 2019 tax sales, but 12 older parcels found their way into inventory as well. The highlights are listed below, and click here to view the state inventory history which shows all the newly added parcels in a list.

  • Etowah County
    472 parcels added, all leftovers from the 2019 Etowah County Tax Sale. Some of these are higher value properties, one with a total value of $560k
  • Geneva County
    173 parcels that were sold to state from the 2019 Geneva County tax sale. Mostly lower value properties, only 2 parcels that list structures.
  • Talladega County
    134 parcels added, also from the 2019 Talladega County Tax Sale. Many of these have structures, values ranging from $15k to $117k
  • Russell County
    46 parcels added to state, most from the 2019 tax sale, but 1 from 2018. The majority have structures, mostly decent value, one with a total value at $390k
  • Colbert County
    42 new parcels added, all from the 2019 tax auction - more than half of these have structures with decent value
  • St Clair County
    37 parcels added from the St Clair tax sale - 6 of these list improvements, but only 3 have value higher than $20k
  • Cherokee County
    1 older parcel from 2018 added with a small structure on 0.64 acres
  • Escambia County
    2 parcels added from the 2019 Escambia Tax Sale - both have structures (one looks like a gas station), and both are valued over $50k
  • Jefferson-Bessemer County
    1 parcel with structure on 2.14 acres from 2017 that looks like a construction site from satellite imagery, might be worth driving to for a closer look since the county lists the value at $332,000
  • Jefferson-Birmingham County
    9 parcels added ranging from 1994 to 2012, all deeds, located primarily in the Titusville area
  • Lamar County
    3 parcels added from the 2019 Lamar County Tax Sale - no structures, ranging from 0.8 to 1 acre and total value between $2k and $4k
  • Madison County
    3 parcels added from the 2019 Madison tax sale - 1 with a house valued at $37k, the other 2 are land only
  • Morgan County
    2 new parcels from the 2019 Morgan County Tax Sale - 1 valued at $18.5k with a structure, the other is 1/3 acre with land only

May 2019 Alabama State Inventory Updates!

Now that the county tax sales are complete, we'll focus on state inventory updates as parcels show up that didn't sell at the auctions. The state inventory updates over the month of May included a few bonuses - 52 new parcels were added across various counties throughout the month. Below is a quick recap, and click here to view the state inventory history which shows all the newly added parcels in a list.