Arkansas Tax Deeds

Parcel Fair brings you Arkansas tax delinquent properties from over-the-counter state inventory sources plus local Arkansas county tax auctions!

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Check out available tax deed properties from all current Arkansas county auctions plus deeds from previous Arkansas tax sales now available from the state as over-the-counter inventory.

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Find out how to save hours of time researching Arkansas tax auction investment properties using Parcel Fair:

Parcel Fair 101 : How to Invest In Arkansas Tax Deeds

Interested in buying tax properties in Arkansas now?
Good news - You don't have to wait for the annual tax auctions!

Tax delinquent properties are available in Arkansas year-round sold over-the-counter from the Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands (COSL). Arkansas' COSL has a year-round online application system that you can request a price quote from anytime. Click a county below to see Arkansas' over-the-counter inventory - then find a property that you want to receive a price quote for and follow our step-by-step instructions: